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Needlepoint Alley carries a wide selection of handpainted needlepoint canvases from the nation’s top needlepoint designers. Mostly all needlepoint canvases are stitch painted for your stitching pleasure. New needlepoint canvases are arriving in the shop daily, so there’s always something new to see.

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Interlocking Squares - Pucci Colors (Handpainted by Kate Dickerson Needlepoint Collection)*Product may take longer than usual to arrive*

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Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas, "Interlocking Squares - Pucci Colors" by Kate Dickerson Needlepoint Collection

12x12 13 Mesh

Click : “View Detailed Images” to see finished model.

This artist, Kate Dickerson, creates bold and beautiful canvases, fun to stitch moving from color to color to color.

*Product may take longer than usual to arrive*

*Available on Order, not in-store at this time.

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